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[Radio Edit]

Alright, a new topic for the music section, dedicated to radio edits of songs in music. This might seem random… and it is. To an extent, all censorship is arbitrary, but examining the “left field” edits should help restore some sanity and logic to the world.

Bruno Mars’ “Locked Out of Heaven” is one of my favorite songs. One of the lyrics is along the lines of: ’cause your sex takes me to paradise, ’cause your sex takes me to paradise, and it shows… yeah… and so on. This is hardly vulgar as far as lyrics are concerned, but every weekend I hear this song at least once. And this past weekend was no exception.

Now normally, I am singing along with this song. I am loud and off-key, but that’s okay. I am in my car and no one suffers for long. However, I happened to noticed this past weekend that there was an edit to this song. I am not sure which local station does this, I strongly suspect 99.7, but the word “sex” is bleeped. This is not the first time I noticed this edit of this song.

Bear in mind, that you can say mild swear words on radio, you can even say rhymes with hit (and you will be fined and fired/banned). However, sex is too hot for radio. This only happens on the weekend too! This word is not bleeped when the song plays on weekdays. The only thing to even justify this edit is maybe that since people are going to church, with small children in tow, it’s bleeped to make sure no awkward conversations have to occur.

Really though? That’s just stupid and unnecessary.

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ESO Stream

I’ve been playing around with livestreaming and have settled on both YouTube and The Elder Scrolls Online (link to Part I) for my inaugural streams. I am not much for commentary though. It’s just awkward. In the future, I will keep it short and talk more.

Anyway, it’s really interesting the way the game totally changes when streaming. I have to finish chapter 2 and 3 before summer school ends though.


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Let’s Play?

In advance of Persona 5, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy XV, I have been testing the livestream capabilities of my PS4. Currently, I am streaming directly through YouTube, but plan to switch over to Twitch in the near future. My first stream, the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo, is already up on YouTube. No commentary, just a straight playthrough. You can find it here.

It was a lot of fun. Looking forward to the fall.

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Skyrim and Final Fantasy XII Coming to the PS4!

Alright kiddies, clear your mind of the cry of “Ridge Raaacccceeeerrr!” and know that Sony always goes big at E3. Well, I guess not so much Sony as Bethesda and Square-Enix, but the point stands. Every year for the last six or seven, there’s always been at least one game announced at E3 that I wanted and almost always on the PlayStation x.

This year, its Skyrim (multi-platform) and Final Fantasy XII. I am looking forward to Skyrim due to mod capability a la Fallout 4. NPCs dying from vampire attacks? Fixed by mod. Marked for Death glitch? Fixed by mod. Illia refusing to follow? Fixed by mod.

Skyrim is also going to be remastered with new snow textures, but I care more about fixing the damn glitches. Final Fantasy XII is also remastered and based on the Zodiac Job System version never released in North America and Europe. One hopes the invisible weapons are gone.

I am not as excited about this due to it being a job system. I liked being able to switch “classes” in the original. I hate being locked into Fighter, Mage, Thief > Paladin, Red Mage. That said, the score has been remastered as well. Yes, I want. Its not until 2017 though.

Skyrim will be available in October of 2016. Can’t wait!

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Drawing I

It’s back to  basics with Drawing I for me. I have previously taken at least 2 drawing classes and depending on your opinion of how well I draw, did well in both. It has been two weeks, figuratively and literally, since summer school has started and I can’t tell you how well I am doing.

No really. No idea how I am faring. Oddly, despite dreading entering the class, I actually have fun doing the assignments. I am not sure how I actually accomplish the assignments, which is apart of the grading, but I have hopes. I intend to do some amazing journal assignments to make up for some of that.

In any case, the first week, we learned about the elements of art and started with line drawings. Using the contour technique, where the artist looks at the subject and draws without looking at the paper, we created some interesting figure drawings.

Here’s one I did for my journal assignment, though it didn’t meet the requirements of landscape (too close). This has been filtered and cropped for better viewing (the original photo is super light).


Our next assignments are texture. In any case, I, yet again, look to video games as my inspiration. Tetsuya Nomura, love him or hate him, always tries to push his designs to challenge the programmers and artists at Square-Enix. Thus, I am trying to push myself.

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Ghost Story Chapter One

I finally finished chapter one. I will begin working on chapter two in the near future. Additionally I will be redoing some panels for  chapter three for consistency. This is definitely an improvement in art and story. I made drastic changes to the narration and overhauled the subplot about the investigation.

Ghost Story Chapter 1

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Major Change

So, it’s official. I have changed my major to Graphic Design. I am not quite at square one, but yeah. On the other hand, graphic design and illustration is something I can see myself doing.

My biggest fear about graphic design is consistency, but I think that Ghost Story has gotten more consistent (visually) with each chapter. In any case, I am taking Drawing I this summer, so there should be some improvement as we go.

My new fear is cost. Art is expensive. You may think anyone can take a picture or draw something. But it costs money for the camera, film, memory card, paper, pencil, pencil sharpener, and other variables, and, of course, time.

Speaking of improvement: my GPA. Now, when I returned to school I had a 2.9. Obviously, that’s crap. Its not from laziness or stupidity–I was just unmotivated and depressed. College held a lot of promise for me when I was in middle and high school and those expectations were, needless to say, dashed.

Right now, my combined GPA sits at 3.1, due to 2 semesters of 4.o GPA. Yes, I am shooting for Dean’s List in these next 2 semesters.

On that note, I am hoping that next fall, I will have access to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Hopefully, it’s free, but even discounted… Anyway, since my major is now Graphic Design, I hope I have less essays to write.

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Writer’s Block: Jury Duty

I just got back from jury duty not too long ago. On the one hand, it went well–I didn’t get picked (did everything in my power to waffle, so basically me x 10). On the other hand, Jackson County, MO stole eight hours of my life and all I have to show is $11.00. Thankfully, I don’t start work until Wednesday, so I lost little else other than time.

Anyhoo, I thought I might share some things I realized while there. This may help you if ever want to write about American justice. I think this is important because it might transform the way you see things both as a citizen or observer or a writer.

To begin, justice is about money. The guilt or innocence of a defendant is largely dependent on how much they will/can spend to prove it. It also depends on whether or not they can afford an attorney, if they can’t defend themselves. Money can buy you a lot of things, including delays (this can lead to a loss of interest for the prosecution and witnesses) and more provisions for testing evidence.

Money is also a big factor for the jury as well. Unless the case is in the national media, no one wants jury duty. You sacrifice your free time and potentially your income to perform your civic duty. Most people, my self included, will do anything to ensure they aren’t picked. However, even the selection process, picked or no, will take an entire day.

The prosecutors and defense attorneys will ask leading questions, successfully allowing the willing to hang themselves. Regardless, 300 people (for Jackson County) were pulled in for about 40 slots for 3 or 4 cases (there were more slated, but some people decided to bargain).

Another item of interest was the dance around jury nullification and hung jury. These are two separate outcomes for a trial. Nullification is an outcome where the jury says you’re guilty, but you are not punished. A hung jury is a jury unable to reach a verdict. Technically, nullification isn’t legally sanctioned, but it is understandable…

It was obvious from the beginning that the defense attorney was shooting for a hung jury. It was slimy too. However, the most surprising thing about jury duty is people have already made up their minds about the case. Whether its about going home, guilt or innocence, or selecting jurors–their minds are already made up.

Their personal stories, backgrounds, and beliefs have already given them bias. It’s not as simple as the defendant connecting with jurors or good attorneys–though that helps. A trial is won or lost by jury selection.

Also note that in America, a jury of peers often does not included many minorities… So, they really did steal eight hours of my life. In short, justice is a myth.

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Ghost Story: The Darklight Lantern

Alright, so I presented this comic as my final project for my mythology class. The project was to create your own myth and I had always had this story in mind when creating Ghost Story, so of course I submitted it. My professor seemed to enjoy it and I am currently adapting it into chapter 3. It still needs some work on the setting and exposition, but the important parts are finalized.

There are many important things I learned from my mythology class, including aspects of mythology and the hero’s journey, and works by Joseph Campbell, Otto Rank, and Victor Turner. However, I think the most important is using Word to create my comics. It’s so much easier to do text than in Fotor. So, many possibilities are now open.

I still look forward to getting a program like manga art. This is my first comic completely drawn with my Wacom Tablet. I think it shows improvement, but it really isn’t clicking with Sketchbook or My Paint. I might try Kirita.

Ghost Story 3

Edit: Hm, looks like some of the text boxes got cut off. Apologies, that seems to happen without rhyme or reason.

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The Semester Is Finished!

Yes! I am so taking a break after all this crap. Tuesday, expect some visitation to your blogs and updates. Course I still work weekends.

Also, I was sent an email stating that I still had some financial aid available, so I decided to take a basic computer course. Naturally, the day I update to Office 2016, I take a course for Office 2013. It shouldn’t be too different though.

Did you know that if you go to the Microsoft official website, enter a student e-mail, you can get a free copy of Microsoft Office? It comes with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Skype, and Silverlight (what is this?). Welp, now you do. Off with you, now.